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Some Essential Bone Cancer Prevention Tips

Bone cancer may be primary or secondary in nature. If the origination of cancer is in the bone, it is referred to as primary bone cancer. If it will spread to the body from other body parts, it is known as secondary bone cancer. Some examples of primary bone cancer are histiocytoma, sarcoma and Osteosarcoma. Undoubtedly, there are some useful tips to prevent bone cancer. One of them is the awareness of the risk factors. It was suggested by a study that if fluorinated water is consumed by men, they are at a high risk of developing bone cancer. However, girls were not affected by the intake of fluorinated water. Therefore, a person must be aware of the conditions which increase the risk of bone cancer. Given below are few of them:
  1. The risk of bone cancer is raised by Radiation therapy
  2. Paget’s disease
  3. Genetic conditions such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome
  4. Renoblastoma
  5. Children who are born with umbilical hernia
  6. Rothmund- Thompson is also a very rare syndrome that is found in kids. Stunted growth is caused and the risk of Osteosarcoma is raised.
Some useful tips to prevent bone cancer are given below

  1. People should have an awareness of their genes. They must find out a relative in their bloodline who has been diagnosed with this condition in the past.
  2. One should stay away from lifestyle habits that are negative. The risk of stress and smoking is raised due to this. The intake of any form of tobacco increases the risk of developing cancer manifold.
  3. Nutrition and diet play a very important role in the prevention of bone cancer. A check must be kept on the intake of calories. A person must stick to a diet that is low-fat. It is concluded by studies that if vegetables and fruits are included in the diet, there is a low risk for developing cancer. The intake of red meat and saturated fat must also be reduced.
  4. Yoga and physical exercise are very effective in curing various medical disorders. The blood circulation is improved and the growth of cancer is limited.
  5. Cancer must be diagnosed before metastasis. Experts must be consulted for detection and screening the condition before it will spread.
  6. One can also follow some herbal tips for preventing bone cancer. The use of ginseng and turmeric must be incorporated in preparing food. There is a compound known as cur cumin which is present in turmeric. Various properties for fighting cancer are present in it.
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