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Some Important Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

Blood PressureWhen the human heart pumps blood, a pressure is created in the blood vessels known as BP. When this pressure is the maximum it is known as systolic pressure while the minimum one is known as diastolic pressure. The normal BP range of systolic and diastolic are 120-80 mm Hg. However, some physiological conditions can disrupt these normal readings which lead to hypertension or hypo tension. Among these high blood pressure is quite common.

There can be several conditions which result in this condition like obesity, faulty diet, age, kidney failure and several genetic reasons. Some sort of inflammation and loss of elasticity in kidneys is also a major reason for this problem.

There are several high blood pressure natural remedies which helps in lowering the high BP numbers. Some of these are:

• A salt restricted diet regimen is essential to follow by a high BP patient most importantly uncooked or table salt. It is also important to stay on an oil free diet.
• Brisk walking twice a day will definitely work on this problem.
• Stress and mental worries contribute to this problem. Therefore try to get out of it with relaxation and meditation.
• Some normal exercises like jogging, cycling, freehand and swimming are also important in the treatment of hypertension.
• It is imperative to completely stop drinking alcohol and smoking.
• Two teaspoonfuls of powdered mint leaves help magically with hypertension.
• Garlic is one of the best and most common high blood pressure natural remedies. It helps in reducing arterial spasms controlling pulse rate and cardiac rhythm.
• Lemon strengthens capillaries and thus regular consumption in water without salt and sugar will surely help.
• Dried and roasted seeds of watermelon help in dilating blood vessels reducing the pressure of blood.
• One should consume food rich in potassium and carbohydrate.
• Among so many vegetables, celery and broccoli are the best ones to reduce BP as they contain phytochemical content.
• Juices of raw spinach, carrot, parsley, etc. if taken twice a day will cause extreme positive effects on your health.

This is due to the modern, sedentary lifestyle and changed food habits. All these in combination leads to the more working of heart and exerts pressure on it.

The greatest cure of high BP is possible with a regular eye over it. It is very important to track the BP even if you are in normal conditions. There are no symptoms as such in this disease and therefore, sometimes it is also referred as "silent killer".

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Some Important Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

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