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How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs

Nowadays many people are obsessed with losing body fat, either to have a more slender physique or to lower cholesterol. Unfortunately they sometimes resort to drug-based slimming tablets and even other more dangerous means. Most of these people are unaware of the damaging effects this may be causing to their liver.

However, there is a natural way to lower cholesterol and shed some of those pounds. It is to have a healthy diet and perform moderate to rigorous exercise at least 3 times a week. Everyone who has tried it will agree, that pounding the treadmill or doing a similar exercise to raise the heart rate, not only helps a person burn off the fat but also live a much healthier life. Clinical studies have shown that doing at least 30 minutes exercise 3 - 4 days every week increases a person’s good cholesterol levels by 10% - 20%.

It is not always true that when a person is slender that they have lower cholesterol than someone heavier. Because of our modern society’s need for fast food, the unhealthy food we put in our body translates to cholesterol imbalances and even for those with faster metabolisms, cholesterol problems are totally unavoidable if their lifestyle and diet is poor.

To lower cholesterol one good idea is to consume high fiber foods such as pectin, oat bran, psyllium, guar gum and dried beans. These have been shown to significantly lower total cholesterol and low density (bad) cholesterol. This highly recommended daily regime also greatly contributes to keeping a normal bowel movement while cleansing the colon from unwanted body fat and toxins. With proper diet and ample aerobic exercise, bad cholesterol is lowered and good cholesterol is raised. Maintaining an active lifestyle is the best natural way to lower cholesterol, raise your mood and encourage a more positive mental attitude.

A lower cholesterol, salt and fat diet is vital, not only to losing weight but also in staying healthy. These dietary tips go hand in hand with exercising. You could exercise 6 times a week, but if you ate a Big Mac and fries every day, the days in the gym wouldn’t bring the best results. Just as paying attention to your diet won’t totally help without losing any sedentary habits and raising your level of physical effort.

To re-iterate, exercise doesn’t always mean you have to lift heavy weights. Cardiovascular exercises help a lot in lowering cholesterol levels and releasing natural feel good, pain lowering endorphins. Aerobic exercises like dancing, swimming and rowing are a far better substitute. The form of exercise doesn’t really matter as long as you are sweating and raising your heart rate. The main goal here is to lower cholesterol and cardiovascular exercise is the best form.

Doing a sport is a good idea. It is not exactly required for you to be a professional or reach a required standard. Participating in any sport is another natural way to lower cholesterol. People of any age should do daily exercises, not only to lower cholesterol but to stay fit and healthy and give them a purpose in life.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to lower body fat, there are two important facts to remember. The first is that your diet and lifestyle have given you the problems of poor health or excess weight, and a change to these factors will reverse the effects. The second is the drug approach doesn’t offer a solution, only further complications. If you have reached a point where you are committed to doing something to change the way your life is going, congratulate yourself for making that decision, and to beginning your road back to health and happiness.

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