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What Causes Lower Levels Of IQ?

Which of the following two statements is true?

  • People with a lower IQ will succumb to the temptations of the dross end of the food market, with the unhealthy junk supplied by many local and international food outlets?

  • Eating non healthy foods from an early age will result in a lower IQ?

Well it is both.

But the main problem is with the latter. Researchers from Goldsmiths University in London found that there is a clear difference between young children eating a healthy and varied diet with fresh produce, and those who eat lots of junk food, prepared snacks and cola. The difference is the lower IQ for the children eating high levels of junk food.

Children who eat more fast foods will have lower IQ in future, than those eating fresh foods with vegetables and fruit. And this is not just related to social status, wealth or upbringing.

But we should not be too surprised with the result, since most health authorities suggest a certain level of nutrients to promote good health, from vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, salt and fats. Most junk food is renowned for having high excesses in saturated fats, salt, sugar and calories along with chemical kits to create and enhance flavour, and does not provide a balance. Humans of all ages have to have a balanced food intake. But for young people it is even more vital, since their minds and bodies are rapidly developing. It is essential that they receive the correct balance of nutrients to have an impact on their cognitive ability, personal development and growth - now. Since not doing so will result in a lower future IQ.

The various attempts to improve the quality of food in educational establishments have achieved varying levels of success. The failures mainly resulting from the lack of familiarity by children with healthy food. No matter how many times that you are told that "greens are good for you", if you never see them in your own home they might as well have come from Mars, and I do not mean the chocolate bar! Correct nutrition of the young, the growing oldies of the world, has to start at home and not in the burger bar.

Just as better crops are achieved with better growing methods and fertilisers, we are what we eat. What we are creating with the cola, burger and chocolate generation. Probably the next generations of the obese and incapable, and heavily reliant upon the rest of society.

Similar studies and results have been carried out in the USA and Australia. All as we need now is some action starting with you and me. If we do not have the will power to improve our own lives then let us at least spend some time and effort on the young ones who are in their first decade.

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Article source : What Causes Lower Levels Of IQ?

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