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Skin Allergic Reaction

Skin Allergic Reaction

Allergies are a source of millions of people's pain and suffering. Seasonal allergies may cause chronic sinus problems and result in long term illnesses. Other allergies can cause serious skin conditions. These conditions may simply be uncomfortable, or they may be the source of a great deal of pain. There are thousands of allergens that cause skin problems. One simple way to avoid these conditions is to avoid the allergens. Learning to identify plants or the composition of materials is important to avoiding a reaction.

Skin Allergic ReactionInforming doctors of all allergies is essential. It may change the treatment they choose to prescribe. Many people are allergic to the substances used to prescription medications. Keeping track of adverse reactions to medications is essential to informing a doctor of possible irritants. Over time, a long list of allergens may be drawn up.

Allergic Reaction of the Skin

Allergic Reaction of the SkinCommon irritants that cause allergic reactions include exposure to drugs, especially sulfa or penicillin. Foods such as dairy or wheat have caused many people to suffer from hives. Metals such as nickel can also cause problems. Other products and materials may cause an adverse reaction as well, including latex.

There are several common skin conditions that may result from allergens. The first is hives. These occur outside the skin and cause large, red, swollen bumps. Symptoms include itching and burning. Just as with hives, the condition angioedema is caused by food or drug allergies. However, angioedema occurs due to swelling under the skin.

Allergic Reaction Bumps on Skin

Allergic Reaction Bumps on Skin
Contact dermatitis implies the reaction occurred because of direct exposure of an allergen to the skin. Eczema is another extremely common problem that is commonly associated with drug and food allergies.

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Article by : Karen Whitehurs
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