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3 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Whether we are going on an adventurous trip, or enjoying a happy family gathering, seeing clearly naturally, makes these fun occasions more exciting and fulfilling. Because our eyesight is such an important aspect of our health,it is critically important that we take the necessary steps to improve it.

What happens if you don't use a muscle? The muscle becomes weak and loses its ability to function efficiently. As soon as that muscle is exercised regularly it becomes stronger, increasing muscle strength and performance. A similar principle applies to eye exercises as they help to strengthen the muscles of the eyes that control vision. Here are 3 eye exercise techniques to improve vision naturally:

Improve Your Eyesight NaturallyYou can perform these techniques while listening to your favorite music. It makes the techniques more fun and maintains your motivation to practice them regularly. All it takes is just minutes a day.

1. Eye Motion Eye Exercise - The objective of this vision exercise is to strengthen the eye muscles. This goal is achieved by increasing their ability to focus on different objects in different positions quickly. To perform this technique, find a comfortable chair. Maintain an upright posture. Relax your body. Practice moving just your eyes not your head, across a room of your house. You are basically using your eyes to scan various objects in a room; TV, papers, tables, pictures, clocks and windows etc. Move your eyes continually while avoiding stopping at any particular object. While you are performing this technique, inhale and exhale deeply. Repeat this technique 3 times.

2. 10 second Focusing Technique - Close your eyes briefly and carefully and gently apply a very light message to your eye lids for 3 seconds. Then open them. Identify two fixed points; one that is close up and the other in the distance. For example, the close up point can be your computer and the distant point can be a window in the distance. Focus your eyes on the computer for 10 seconds then shift your focus to the window for 10 seconds. Repeat for 3 repetitions.

3. The Figure 8 Eye Exercise Technique - This eye exercise improves vision while providing the additional benefit of relieving stress and tension in the eyes. Be seated in a comfortable chair at a distance of about 3 feet from the wall, (about 10 feet away). Simply imagine a large figure 8 on the wall. The same way you would trace the outline of a shape or object on a piece of paper with a pencil or pen, In this case, pretend that your eyes are that pencil and start tracing the outline of that imaginary figure 8 moving your eyes only not your head for 10 breaths. Trace the outline of that figure exactly. The number of repetitions you perform depends on your comfort level. For example, pay attention to the way your eyes feel. 4 repetitions are recommended but if your eyes feel tired take a break and decrease the number of repetitions

We can promote eye health with the application of eye exercise techniques. They strengthen, tone and improve the efficiency of the eye muscles helping us to see better naturally; the way Mother Nature intended us to see.

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By : Joel Travers King
Article Source :  3 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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