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Ways in Which Food Affects Your Mood

Everything you put in your mouth has an effect on your body whether good or bad. If you want to keep your mood up and feel happy, there are many things you need to know about what foods to eat. This article explores some of those foods and what they can do for your mood.

What you eat does affect your happiness! Food is what fuels everything about your body and what you eat controls your body from head to toe! Food is directly linked to three areas of brain function that create our ability to be happy! The first is the capacity to think, focus, plan, and remember or what is called "foods for thought." The second is the regulation of our emotions or foods for good mood. The third is the ability to control anxiety and the power to push through to a deadline, etc; foods for brain energy. Yes, what you eat does control all these parts of your life. Here are some ways you can control these areas.

*Cut back on eating processed foods. Most processed foods are loaded with sugar. Too much sugar contributes to shrinkage of key brain areas involved in the regulation of our moods.

*Eat more whole-grains, vegetables, and fruits. Plant foods contain minerals and phytonutrients that are scientifically known as the "Essential Elements of Happiness." These consist of vitamins A, B12, D, E, Folate, iodine, magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. These are substances the brain needs to function optimally.

*Opt for grass-fed meats whenever possible. Grass fed meat typically has more omega-3s. Omega-3s promote formation of new brain connections.

*Eat a variety of whole foods. Branch out and eat healthy foods you may not particularly enjoy or are not used to. Keep variety in your diet so you don't "burn out" on the healthy foods you do eat. Remember this; the greater range of whole foods you eat, the broader the range of brain-boosting nutrients your diet will contain to help your brain keep you happy! And after all, we all want to be happy!!

Did you ever think anything as simple as an egg could be a key to your happiness? If not, you should! Scientists tell us the If you wanted to create the perfect brain food, you would find most of what you need in the egg. Here is a list of these "happiness" compounds found in the egg:

*Vitamin B12 - This vitamin is crucial for the nerve cells so being deficient in vitamin B12 causes irritability, depression, and cognitive decline!

*Folate - Needed to keep the brains neurotransmitter factories operating properly.

*Iodine - Iodine is essential for proper thyroid functioning. This is important because a underactive thyroid causes lethargy, depression, and weight gain. And weight gain also has an effect on happiness or lack there of, for sure!

*Vitamin D - When your supply of vitamin D gets low, chances for depression, dementia, PMS all increase and who wants to let that happen!

The above list is only a partial nutritional list of the egg, but it is the main nutrition in the egg that does play a role in your happiness! There are many other foods that also contribute. I will post another article in a day or so discussing those foods.

Stay Happy!

Article by : Linda Carol Wilson

Article Source : Ways in Which Food Affects Your Mood

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