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About California Health Insurance

The health insurance requirements vary from state to state in USA, for example the San Diego Health Insurance requirements might be quite different from the Health Insurance requirements at Cherokee County! Hence it is important to understand the specific requirements that need to be adhered to while opting for health insurance. In this article we try to cover the requirements that the residents of California would have to look at.

Health InsuranceIt is important to note that though there are many providers of health insurance packages across the states, these packages are regulated by the individual state agencies. This article addresses the requirements of the California state that need to be looked at for San Diego Health Insurance for example. The federal arm has in place some crucial laws that have been established so as to ensure the citizen’s benefits.

· The Affordable Care Act: This law has come in to action in March 2010 and ensures that the health insurance is affordable.

· COBRA: This is directed at the ex –employees, retired citizens, spouses and other dependents. Through COBRA they have the right to obtain continuation of the group health plan for some more time. This is a good option in times of economic turbulence where people can be laid off.

· HIPAA: This provides the protection to the individual and the family when there is a need to either move to another health insurance or even to continue the current health insurance. This covers the health insurance conditions like the exclusion of pre-existing illnesses and provides the much needed protection that one needs in such cases.

There are some special provisions and funds available for the employees of federal agencies and the Armed Forces by the federal government like Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health Benefits etc.

There are many agencies regulating the different health insurance policies and companies available in California. The California Department of Healthcare Services manages the Medi-Cal program along with the programs directed towards children like the California’s Children Services programs etc. Similarly the California Department of Insurance is the division which ensures that effective insurance laws are established in the state of California and also provides extensive information pertaining to health insurance in the state.

There some special programs enunciated by California State for people falling under the low income group or have special needs. The Medi-Cal is one such program for the low income group and also covers health conditions like tuberculosis, HIV/ AIDS etc. Medi-Cal also has a Cancer Treatment Program for women who are diagnosed with either breast or cervical cancer and require treatment. Another low income focused insurance plan is the Healthy Families plan mainly for pre-teens and teens. This covers along with health, both oral and vision issues too for children without insurance and who do not come under the Medi-Cal scheme. Then there is the AIM scheme for expectant mothers, where the newborn infants too are covered. This is for people whose income is higher than the Medi-Cal bracket but still falls under the low income segment.

So whether you are looking for the San Diego Health Insurance schemes or the Palo Alto’s you can verify your eligibility for these schemes if you are residing in California.

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