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Maintaining Healthy Liver Is Essential For The Body

The liver is one of the most important human organs, and any substance that enters the body - either through the skin or digestive track - affecting or being affected by the liver. From this perspective, is essential for health to maintain a clean and healthy liver.

The liver is located in the so-called liver lodge, below the diaphragm and is protected by casing cartilaginous ribs. Being both a gland and an organ, the liver is the largest organ / gland in the body, its size is different in women than in men - women leaver measure about 1.5 kg and men liver about 1.8 kg.

Maintaining HealthyThe liver fulfills over 500 functions in the body and is capable of regeneration and recovery when cells are shortly affected by an injury or illness. The liver consists of two unequal lobes. The left one is larger and has attached two other smaller lobes - the quadrate and caudate. Each lobe is composed of thousands of units called lobules, which pass through the center of the blood capillaries that lead out of the liver to the hepatic vein.

Liver function

For a better understanding of the role of liver in the body there are presented four basic functions:

1. Liver cells secrete bile continuously, a viscous, bitter yellow-brown liquid. Bile, or gall, as popularly called, contains the necessary minerals in lipid digestion in the small intestine. Trough the intrahepatic biliary channels, the ball reaches the liver channel and, hence, the bile duct. Without the ball, about 40% of fat in the diet we receive would be eliminated in the faeces, and vitamins A, D, E and K would not be absorbed by the body.

2. The liver helps to distribute and store nutrients from food - the liver is the one which converts excess carbohydrates and proteins into fatty acids and triglycerides that are transported and stored in adipose tissue. Glucose reaching in blood after eating is converted by the liver into glycogen (energy storage) through a process called glicogenosis. When blood glucose level decreases, the liver is that who turns glycogen into glucose, thus providing extra energy for body.

3. The liver has a critical role in lipid metabolism, namely: oxidation of triglycerides for energy, vitamin B activation and conversion of phosphate deposits necessary for the proper functioning of the body, inositol and lecithin synthesis - conversion of cholesterol into bile salts and protein production necessary for blood clotting.

4. The liver filters toxins from the blood - all the accumulated toxins from the body, either through diet or because of pollution, once are reaching the liver, are detoxified, metabolized, selected and eliminated by biliary secretion.

Risk factors for unhealthy liver

Precisely because of these many and varied functions that fulfills in the body, the liver is one of the most exposed organ to harmful factors. Although it has an amazing capacity of regeneration, we should not rely on it being known that the liver may undergo irreversible changes when is exposed to harmful environmental factors, binge eating, drugs or alcohol abuse. With over seventy thousand different chemicals in the food chain, periodic cleaning is imperative to maintain a healthy liver, allowing it to perform its functions properly and efficiently in the body.

Among the threats that endanger the health of the liver include poor water quality, unbalanced diets, pollution, drugs or alcohol, infectious disease or stress. If some of them such as eating or drinking can be controlled, factors such as pollution, stress or water quality does not depend on us. In these circumstances it becomes imperative to prevent unhealthy liver by using natural remedies, totally harmless.

Amino acids found in Liver Aid CaliVita, especially methionine, neutralizes toxic metabolites in the body (e.g. free radicals), and thus ensure proper functioning of the hepatic cells. Free radicals are also neutralized by L-cysteine, co-administered with other antioxidants (e.g. selenium). L-cysteine ​​protects liver cells from harmful action of radiation, increases the ability of the liver and brain protection against harmful action of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Associated with Arginine it provides the function of detoxification. Arginine and Ornithine helps eliminate ammonia formed in the body. Arginine and ornithine has hepatoprotective action that is essential today, when the environment is increasingly polluted, when people use drugs without thinking of their side effects, when the number of people who consume alcohol always increases ….

Chromium and Carnitine, LiverAid product components, through their lipolytic action, ensure the normal and healthy metabolic processes in the liver. Consuming regularly this product will keep the modern man to normal health. It is recommended both in the prevention of liver disease, as well as in the drug treatment, simultaneously or alternately, in the case of chronic liver disease.

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