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Popular Health Insurance Myths

If you are currently without health insurance, you may have a few misinformed beliefs about what insurance is all about and how it can benefit you. Here are a few common misconceptions that may lead people to decide to risk going without:

1. There are no serious health risks in being uninsured.
Contrary to popular belief, having health insurance encourages you to actually take care of your health. For example, uninsured women diagnosed with breast cancer are only half as likely to survive as insured women. The same statistic goes for men with colon cancer. This is a scary and somewhat extreme example, but that fact is that those people who do not have health insurance will usually not seek out timely care, which makes handling illness exponentially more difficult. Illnesses often do not get diagnosed through preventative screenings for uninsured patients, which means their level of illness is usually more advanced than that of an insured patient when it is found.

Popular Health Insurance Myths2. If you really need it, you will be able to get care with or without insurance.
While emergency rooms must treat you if it is a life or death situation, the truth is that the longer you wait for that to happen, the greater your risk of having to go through a long, painful, and expensive recovery - and that's if you can recover. Uninsured patients tend to put off dealing with their illnesses and injuries, which can eventually have serious negative consequences for the rest of your health. As a result, the uninsured tend to live with illness much longer than necessary and live shorter lives.

3. The uninsured are mainly just carefree young adults.
Surprisingly, three out of four uninsured adults are actually over the age of twenty-five. It is becoming more and more common for the middle aged to risk not having insurance. Though this trend is somewhat understandable in these difficult economic times, it is a dangerous one. It is likely that this demographic is increasing because of the misconceptions that healthcare is overly expensive or unnecessary, but as a result many adults are putting their health and their lives (and the lives of their loved ones) at risk.

If you don't currently have a health insurance plan, you should give serious consideration to obtaining one. It can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, and (more importantly) can really help to save your health and your life. Insurance is an easy thing to put off because we would all like to believe that we will never need it. However, if and when the time comes when you do really need health coverage, you do not want to be caught having to worry about how you will pay for proper care.

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