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Do You Want To Quit Smoking? A Nicotine Test Kit Is For You!

Probably, everyone knows that I order to easier quit smoking an individual needs to have a strong quit smoking strategy. It should include a quit date and the notification of family, relatives, friends and coworkers who are interested in of stop smoking plans and will be always ready to offer your support and understanding. Apart from the moral support of your close people, motivation is also a significant ingredient of a successful quit smoking effort.

Want To Quit Smoking
Just as with other goals the goal of quit smoking also involves a great effort, persistence and commitment. And the main motivation to follow the effort is benefit you’re going to obtain afterwards, for instance, losing a desired weight from a weight loss program, getting a grade of A on an examination or employment. And even though blood pressure and heart rate rise in 20 minutes after last smoking, these benefits can be immediately measurable. In several months you’re going to get rid of cough and shortness of breath. Besides, you’ll greatly decrease the risk of cancer, heart diseases and stroke.

 A home nicotine test kit will provide you with immediate results which can be an effective incentive to quit smoking and prevent relapse after you quit smoking. Home urine nicotine test kits are able to measure cotinine, a metabolite or breakdown product of nicotine. It’s measured in the urine for 5-7 days after tobacco use and indicates the concentration of nicotine in the human body. The contemporary market offers only one home urine nicotine test kit that offers an immediate test result of the concentration of cotinine in the human body. From this result an individual’s level of tobacco exposure can be defined based on the cotinine concentration that’s measured in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) and the interpretation scale, another element of the kit.

The result of 0-10 ng/ml indicates a non-smoker who has no nicotine exposure, while the result 10-30 ng/ml indicates a non-smoker with low passive nicotine exposure, that is a second-hand exposure. Cotinine levels 30-100 ng/ml indicate a non-smoker with higher degrees of passive nicotine exposure, while concentrations of 100-1000+ are indicate an active smoker or the person using tobacco products. This creative model the concentration of nicotine exposure of the individual taking part in the quit smoking plan, in combination with the efforts of close family members as well as other household contacts can become a good motivation for quitting smoking.

The negative result offered by these nicotine tests with the quantitative home test kit can start a quit smoking program and lead the smoker to reaching the goal. It’s recommended to test the subject from start date to stop date in order to get more motivation as well as feedback that play an important role in success quitting smoking. It’s also advised to make the testing of household contacts during or before the start date of the quit smoking program.

The major purpose of this activity is to offer additional motivation to quit smoking by providing data demonstrating the potential harm posed on the closest people who just become passive nicotine smokers. Try to do urine testing every day making recordings of declining cotinine levels, as well as providing smoker with positive feedback as an encouragement to continue the quit smoking plan.

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