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Abdominoplasty Alone Or With The Body Lift

The pouch, gut, abdomen, midsection, core or tummy has notoriously been a problem area for many men and women throughout their lives. This is how so many diet plans and new fangled exercise plans make promises that people invest a lot of time and money into hoping that one of them will be telling the truth. Frankly, many programs and natural dietary changes can help improve muscle tone, fat reduction and skin elasticity, but what can really offer long-term benefit? What can really offer long-term benefit for busy people: men and women who have physical difficulty exercising on a regular basis or the way that they'd like? Many men and women opt for augmenting their exercise and diet plans with the abdominoplasy procedure, which is better known as the tummy tuck.

But with extreme makeovers not losing steam, the benefits and side effects of the procedure are being weighed against the overall outcome of the body lift procedure as well. These days, men and women aren't just opting for a little significant change to their mid-section, they prefer for it all to dramatically improve in one procedure. So a combination of the abdominoplasty within the surgical procedure of the body lift is what each patient can order. If he or she gains weight in their mid-section then they are likely to have struggled with back fat, hip fat and thigh fat as well and those areas are covered in the improvements a body lift is capable of providing.

An abdominoplasty, on its own, consists of three primary surgical techniques that have been designed to facilitate the removal of excess skin and attached fat from three degrees of abdominal profile size. The first option is the mini procedure that consists of a small incision just above the pubic area. The second option is the standard procedure, which includes a larger incision above the pubic area that extends from one hip to the other.

The third option is the extended procedure that makes a circular incision around the belly button as well as the longer incision at the pubic line from one hip to another. From there the skin and muscles are lowered and smoothed out by the surgeon who creates a tighter abdomen for each patient. The abdominoplasty, like the body lift, is ideal for men and women dealing with the effects of fluctuating weight, significant weight loss, body changes due to a combination of heredity and aging as well as post pregnancy body changes.

And where the tummy tuck leaves off, the body lift comes in for those additional problem areas that many men and women face as they struggle with weight maintenance and body shape. The body lift contributes to the sculpting of the midsection and upper portions of the lower body, which includes the abdomen, back, buttocks, hips and thighs. And as body improvements continue to involve cosmetic intervention, men and women will see less and less of a need to be discouraged by what their diet, exercise and time management attempts haven't been able to do for the body yet.

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Article by : Ace Abbey

Article Source : Abdominoplasty Alone Or With The Body Lift

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