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Basic Conditions Healthy Diet

Have you ever experienced the condition of the body so thin and not fresh after a diet program? Or vice versa, rather than lean body stretched and added even fertile? Want to slim and healthy really even a problem.For matters of diet is important to continue to eat nutritious foods and must not cut the amount of food that enters the body. Because, this means you also cut the amount of essential nutrients needed by the body.

Starting a diet program there are actually requirements and rules as well. Well, that diet does not turn into disaster for your body, consider the following conditions!

Basic Conditions Healthy Diet

Term 1: Do not get rid of certain food groups.

Many people go on a diet ‘fad’ by removing certain food groups that are considered enemies of the diet. Yet when running a program of diet, our bodies need a balance of nutrients that enter the body and nutrients to keep our bodies stay healthy. Our bodies need water, vitamins, carbohydrates, less fat, minerals, fiber and oxygen. Enrich your diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, this will help the body build immune system.

Term 2: Consider the adequacy of the body’s proteins.

The body requires 30 grams of protein a day. Meat, milk and dairy products have very high protein content. Fruits and certain vegetables also contain protein but in small amounts. Legumes, whole grains, and nuts can help you meet the requirement of protein needed by your body.

Term 3: Do not remove all fat

Our body requires 50 grams of fat per day. Not all fats are bad, so you do not need to be hostile to him. Fat will remain slick and keep the muscles strong. You can choose fats ‘good’ is obtained from nuts, olive oil or advokad.

Term 4: Eat only when hungry.

We could restrict the food intake into the body. But sometimes the body difficult to be invited to a compromise. So it is recommended that you eat only when hungry, and then the next hour you may snacking on fruit and vegetables.

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