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Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery

The origins of laser eye surgery started in Russia through the observations of Dr Fyodorov who studied changes in a patient's refraction following an accident that caused corneal lacerations. From this study he developed a predictable way of changing refraction through radial keratotomy.

The limitations in radial keratotomy led to more research into how the cornea shape could be altered in a predictable way.

Eye SurgeryDr. Steven Trokel, an ophthalmologist saw the potential of the excimer laser for corneal treatments as it emitted a non-thermal, cold beam, which was able to break the carbon-carbon bonds between molecules and thereby cause tissue ablation. Since 1987 the excimer laser has been recognised as a safe means to treat refractive error; however the technology and techniques for doing so have improved beyond measure.

Today, Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery encompasses the most advanced eye laser technology and highly experienced surgical team that can treat the most extreme refractive errors through Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery.

The Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery treatment plan is a bespoke way of treating patients that starts from the first interaction with Accuvision, the laser eye surgery clinic. Those seeking information on what is possible with their future vision find that Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery treatment plans can offer solutions for high myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism that other clinics fail to provide.

Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery is also able to offer solutions for those people who would normally be refused laser eye surgery due to thin corneas. A treatment called trans-epithelial lasik, a 'no touch' all-laser procedure has been developed through Accuvision.

The Accuwave treatment extends beyond your day of surgery to the comprehensive aftercare plan that remains for the rest of your life. In the days and weeks following surgery Accuvision will take care to ensure a full recovery through regular check ups. After the first year and the years following laser eye surgery every patient is welcomed and encouraged to visit Accuvision so that vigilance over the each patient's eye sight can be sustained.

This unique way of working closely with each and every patient has led to an ever-growing stream of people actively seeking Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery treatment.

Accuvision Ltd is the leading Laser Eye surgery clinic in the UK. It's dedicated team of optometrists and consultant laser eye surgeons are at the forefront of eyecare solutions and are best able to comment on developments in this important area of health.

by: John Andrews

Article Source : Accuwave Laser Eye Surgery

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