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The Psychological Impact Of Serious Disease

Psychological_Impact_of_Breast_AugmentationWhen people are diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer, one that usually proves fatal in a relatively short amount of time, they are usually unprepared for the devastating psychological impact. Everyone understands the physical aspects of a cancer diagnosis. The pain, chemotherapy, hair loss and drug therapy. Yet many people are completely unprepared for the emotional devastation they will experience.

It is not uncommon to experience few symptoms of cancer until the disease has progressed too far for treatment. Patients may have felt somewhat tired and worn down, but this can easily be attributed to other causes. It is only when other symptoms manifest, such as unexplained weight loss and breathing problems, that they consult a doctor and receive a devastating diagnosis.

Many people simply can't believe that exposure to asbestos many years ago is now their death warrant. In fact, most have probably forgotten about what seemed like a trivial matter thirty years or more ago. Maybe they worked in construction, or were in the ship building industry, where asbestos was a commonly used material that no one gave much thought to.

Few patients are prepared for the financial implications of a cancer diagnosis. As their health takes a rapid downward spiral, they are left unable to work, pay their mortgage or support their family. Medical bills can pile up fast, and some treatments may not even be covered by insurance. Because of the poor prognosis, some people opt to try new experimental drug treatments. These especially may be viewed sceptically by the insurance companies, and the patient is left with the bills.

Many suffers find themselves tempted to consult with an attorney to discuss a financial damages settlement. Many lawyers have found rare cancers that have a direct link to asbestos exposure are a lucrative way to win a case against the employer who knowingly allowed the exposure.

One of the most important issues facing any patient of an asbestos related cancer is to find a really experienced doctor. Because these cases are quite rare, many doctors are not familiar with treating them. On line searches should be able to yield the few really good centers in the country that handle many of the cases.

For someone with a recent diagnosis there are many mesothelioma resources. Support groups can provide an emotional lifeline for many sufferers. Many of the groups are now online, helping victims of this devastating disease to connect no matter where they live.

Article by : Gerardo Dicola

Article Source : The Psychological Impact Of Serious Disease

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