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Non-conventional Strategies of Cancer Treatment

cancer treatmentA cure for cancer exists through the utilization of yoga, a urban center, Texas, cancer specialist same throughout a seminar in capital of Oklahoma within the Eighties.

But physicians refused to acknowledge the cure, said Col. Hansa Raval, M.D., a diagnostician with the us Army. Dr. Raval same her add cytotechnology nine a diagnostic branch of drugs designed to pinpoint early stages of cancer i used to be futile till she began researching the utilization of non-conventional strategies of treatment.

The specialist same she witnessed the utilization of Raja yoga and meditation cure disabling inflammatory disease, headaches and even cancer.

And even supposing Raval offers proof, that she same was collected throughout 2 years of study at the Brahma Kumaris World non secular University in Asian country, she has been pink-slipped by alternative members of the medical community as a queer duck.

Yoga's success as a treatment methodology is as a result of another hypothesis Raval proposes that ninety eight % of all cancer is psychoneurotic.

This is not intonation or mantra reciting, the medical practitioner same. it is not supported scriptures. it is not a cult. it is not training program. It's deeper than that. this is often a full-proof methodology of meditation, an in depth understanding of what the soul is.

Raval maintains that medical colleges belittle the study of non-conventional strategies of cancer treatment in favor of standard strategies like radiation, therapy, and treatment through machines.'

Medical colleges teach students that the person is merely a body. however the mind has the facility to cure the body. By definition, psychoneurotic suggests that a mixture of mind, or soul and body.

The soul creates the illness, however the body suffers. If the psyche creates the illness, the sole thanks to cure it's through the psyche. it is a terribly easy formula: treating the seed of the matter.

Further, studies in psychic communication all purpose to the treatment of sickness through treatment of the soul.

The World non secular University, that has branches in thirty countries, teaches peace and perfection for health and happiness through the utilization of Raja yoga. The university gained standing as a non-governmental member of the UN and has offices at the U.N. building in big apple.

Raja yoga teaches students to go looking their soul world for answers on wherever they came from and why the cancer entered their body. They learn what role faith, stress, family and modus vivendi contend within the cancer.

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