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Children who Suffer from Allergies are More Susceptible to Disease Due to Weather

allergy child
Children who suffer from allergies were more susceptible to disease due to changing weather conditions are uncertain. This is further exacerbated by high levels of air pollution in Indonesia.

"So that means, almost half of the children who are allergic to it on the condition that easily hurt, especially in the erratic weather conditions like today," said dr. Herbowo Soetomenggolo, child specialist of the Mother and Child Hospital Hermina, in a media gathering on Monday (02/07/2012), in Jakarta.

Herbowo explained, one of the reasons why children with allergies more susceptible to disease are more mucus production. As is known, the mucus is a good medium for bacteria to live and breed.

"So, the only way is how to make slime was not much out," he said.

Herbowo said the most common diseases suffered by children with allergies is the flu, upper tract infection, and diarrhea. Children with allergies, it would be more susceptible to diarrhea because their digestive tract is not very good, so easily penetrated by germs. This is why exclusive breastfeeding for six months is required.

"The goal is to secure the gut though mature, so it would be able to face the allergens and germs," ​​he said.

He also added, giving other foods in addition to breast milk in infants below the age of six months were also able to make a child more susceptible to allergies.

Herbowo explains, the most important thing needed to handle a child with allergies is not the provision of medicines, but through prevention efforts. Because only 10 percent of allergic children eventually require medication. "90 percent of children did not need medication allergies. They just need prevention," he said.

The best prevention is to make sure children stay clean environment and reduce the things that can trigger allergies like smoke, dander and dust. For example, make sure there is no smoke at home and do not bring pets into the house.

Article source : Children who Suffer from Allergies are More Susceptible to Disease Due to Weather