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Healthy Diet for Healthy Body

A healthy diet is an integral part of a healthy body. So,here we have come up with a perfect diet chart foe you which will allow you to keep your body healthy and in size
Healthy Diet for Healthy Body

Lactose-free milk or Skim milk

Lactose-free milk is good for people who do not digest milk sugar but contains other carbohydrate sources that ultimately can also raise blood sugar levels.

Grain crackers or Bread

Preferably, choose low-fat Triscuit crackers prepared from whole wheat with 2 g of fiber in each 15 gr (Pumpernickel).

Juice or Natural fruit drinks

For every 8 ounces of product only found 5% of natural juice, the rest is a mixture of water with artificial flavors, sometimes containing up to 150 calories and a significant amount of carbohydrates.
Instead of this product I recommend eating whole fruit and a glass of plain water.

Granola bars or cereal box

Grains contain sugars as starch, milk contains a sugar called lactose, fruit contains fructose.
Honey and fruit jam

All jams are made with fruit and a quantity of sugar or carbohydrates. In the regular jam corn syrup are added. The ideal is to read labels and choose low-carb jams using the least amount possible.


Some people consider them think vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities but these vegetables have more sugar or carbohydrates and is therefore its consumption should be limited.

Follow this diet chart and get the positive results.
Healthy Diet for Healthy Body