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Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

What causes diabetes

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus
The main causes of diabetes mellitus are that either the body fails in the production of insulin, which is the hormone that unlocks the cells of the body and allows glucose to fuel them, or your body develops an insulin resistance. In either case this disease is very serious, and much attention should be given to any symtoms of diabetes so as to recognize their appearance as early as possible.

The causes of diabetes mellitus stem from what is a syndrome of disordered metabolism, which is typically due to heredity and environmental causes, or a combination of both. This syndrome leads to abnormally high blood glucose levels, which are the result of either insufficient insulin secretion or insulin action within the body. Either of these will lead to hyperglycemia.

The acute symtoms of diabetes are primarily the same for Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational forms of the disease. These symptoms include excessive urine production, increased thirst and fluid intake, unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, and changes in energy metabolism resulting in lethargy. Upon the onset of these symptoms it is important to determine which type of diabetes it is that you have developed.

When the causes of diabetes mellitus drive you to see a doctor in order to find out which variation that you have it can be a very frightening period in your life. What you must keep in your mind at all times though is that all forms of diabetes have been treatable since 1921, which is the year that insulin became medically available. All that is required are few changes in your lifestyle.

The symtoms of diabetes can not only be treated through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, but also through the use of all natural health products which contain the correct mixture of enzymes, herbs, minerals, and specialty supplements . Although these supplements are not in any way designed in order to replace your designated order of treatment, they can help to alleviate your symptoms to the point where your prescribed medication can be cut back.

This kind of supplementation may not be able to stifle the root causes of diabetes mellitus to the point where they can prevent you from developing the disease, but taking them as a preventative measure makes almost as much sense as using them to help to keep the disease under control. It you want to greatly enhance your chances of not suffering from some of the more debilitating effects of diabetes, then maybe you should give products of this kind a try.

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