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Breastfeeding Benefits Both Mother and Child

Breastfeeding Benefits Both Mother and ChildThe greatest gift to parents is their child. When a child is born, everyone tries to do his or her best for the child. One very simple thing that a mother can do to make her child happy and healthy is to breast-feed the baby. Breast-feeding has a number of benefits for both the child as well as the mother. It ensures a better health for both and helps in developing a beautiful bond between them. Lets us learn in detail why breastfeeding is so important.

Breastfeeding benefits for the child:

Breast milk is the complete meal for any child. It has all the required nutrients that are essential for proper growth of the child. All these nutrients like fat, protein, water and sugar are present in the right amount in mother's milk.

Breast milk is very easy to digest and is not contaminated. It reduces the risks of suffering from diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal infections. Formula milk does not suit all infants and it causes some side effect like constipation etc.

A breastfed child does not gain superfluous weight. They are leaner as compared to the formula fed children and will not face the problems of being obese and overweight later on in life.

Breastfeeding helps the child having a better immune system and helps them in responding better to vaccinations.

Breast milk is ideal for superior brain development of children. Studies have proved that breastfed children have higher IQ than other children.

The premature kids also have better chances of survival and growth if they are breastfed.

Breastfeeding is more hygienic. If the bottles of formula are not sterilized in the right manner, it can cause many health problems to the child.

Breastfeeding benefits for mothers:

Many women suffer from heavy bleeding after giving birth; breastfeeding helps in reducing this bleeding.

One problem that most of the new mothers face is being out of shape. Breastfeeding is the best way to burn extra calories that were gained during the pregnancy.

Another benefit is that whenever the child gets hungry, mother can provide him or her immediate satisfaction even if is the middle of the night!

Breastfeeding is often called nature's contraceptive. If a child is fed only on the mothers milk, the return of normal ovulation and menstrual cycle of the mother also gets delayed. One must not completely rely on this contraceptive though!

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

Breastfeeding helps a mother in developing a strong bond with her child and gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. The mother feels closer to the child and the child feels more secure.

Breastfeeding requires no extra expenditure. You do not need to spend time, effort and money on purchasing formula, making it in right ratio and amount. It does not require you to sterilize the bottles, nipples etc.

Therefore, breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother and the child. Breast milk is very good for the child and even if the mother is able to feed the child for a short period, it does wonders for the health of the child.

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