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7 Ways to Lose Weight

7 Ways to Lose Weight

weight loss1. Give up wheat!
Many nutritionists are against this recommendation, based on the consideration that wheat is the base of food pyramid, and pasta, bread and cereals can not be removed from the menu of a healthy man, without leading to disastrous consequences. On the other hand, wheat is among the top seven allergenic agents, which many people have a high Sensitivity, without being aware of it.

2. Give up milk!
Now you probably wondering what's left to eat you, but you must remember that these changes should not be drastic and sudden. You will not get any risk of osteoporosis, especially if you make sure you get calcium from other foods, and do not have to give up all dairy products.

3. NO sugar!
For many of us this is the most difficult step, but keep in mind that this is the one who will give the best results.

4. Try a diet with fruits and vegetables!
Three days in which to eat only soup, fruit and raw vegetables with a little olive oil and will give your digestive system a break from all the toxins and unhealthy foods that you eat every day.

5. Do not drink alcohol!
The impact of this change varies from person to person. If you find it hard to give up your daily glass of wine, remember that alcohol is a kind of "super sugar" and that has no benefits, that you get from fruits or vegetables.

6. Try to count calories.
Try at least for a while, as a strategy. You might find that underestimate the amount of calories that contain your diet. Moreover, some people think they can eat anything as long as eating certain foods are considered hypo-caloric. Counting calories will help you realize where you are wrong in your diet.

7. Give up your eating habits!
If your meals are hyper-protein, try a vegetarian diet for several days. If you do eat only fruit and vegetables, get protein! Sometimes this makes it easier to change over the period of stagnation in the transition from a diet and changing the menu to see what will be the sensitivity of different types of food, sensitivities which you did not know.

Not all of the seven strategies are required, and not all have the same effect, because the results vary from individual to individual. Consider them experiments that will help you know yourself better and lose weight faster!