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Guava Diabetes

Guava Helps to Control Diabetes

Guava; this pear shaped, ovoid or round good looking fruit that is about 5 to 10 cm long and weighs approximately 50 - 200 grams each is commonly found in Asian countries. It is green in color from outside; internally, either white, pink yellow or red flesh with lots of hard edible seeds smaller than sesame in the central of the soft pulp. It is nutritionally rich often taken raw with unique flavor and taste.

Guava DiabetesGuavas are often called as superfruits, being rich in dietary fiber, folic acid and vitamins A and C. A single guava fruit contains as much as 4 times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange. It has a low calorie profile with rich dietary minerals, potassium, magnesium and copper. However, the nutrients vary across different cultivated Guava, it is found in more common varieties that containing 90mg of vitamin C per serving. It has a relatively high antioxidant value among the plant foods

Guava Leaves are also used traditionally in folk medicine as a remedy against diabetes. Since early '50s, Guava leaves in particular have been a subject of research in therapeutic effect against inflammation and pain. In the modern society today; Guava leaves are processed into similarity of tea. It is under high temperature processing technique and intensive quality control, owning its rich typical flavor and natural vitamin and Fiber to entrain supplement nutrition diet in human body when consumed.

So it is suitable for everybody as a daily health drink to enhance the immune system in human body. It is good for Diabetics, high cholesterol, fat and high sugar content in blood.

When consumed the Guava Leave Tea regularly, it can help to:

Lessen sugar absorption
Reduce Blood Sugar Level
Weight Reduction and Beauty

People suffering from diabetes chronically are usually overweight and have high tendency of High Blood Pressure. Now, let me share with you the benefit that Guava that can help to improve the health of diabetic.

Guava has a low calorie profile with rich dietary minerals, vitamins and fiber is very helpful for those who are overweight. Just have a medium size guava during lunch and you will not fill hungry till night and without compromising with the intake of nutrients that your body needs. Ironically, Guava with its richness in nutrient helps lean and thin to gain weight, probably its richness in nutrient keeps the body metabolism perfect in absorption of right nutrient in the body system.

Secondly, guava being very rich in fiber in nature helps to reduce cholesterol in blood; maintaining the fluidity of blood and reducing blood pressure.

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