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What can you use Lasix for?

Furosemide is a generic name. Lasix is prescribed for the people who need to control absorption of salt to their body. This medication makes that the salt to pass in urine without remaining in body. This medication is often recommended for the people having fluid retention (edema). This medication can also be prescribed for the people suffering from congestive heart failure, problems with liver, problems with kidney and high blood pressure (hypertension).

You should only take it, if your healthcare provider has prescribed you with this medication. If you take Lasix, you should only take it according to the prescription that you will get from healthcare provider. If you think that you need to take other dose of this medication, you should call your healthcare provider and discuss it with your healthcare provider.

It is very important to find the correct dose that you should be taking. Only a healthcare provider is able to determine the correct dosage for you.


If you take this medication, you should mind the possible interaction with other medications. There are 674 medications known to interact with Lasix. If you have problems with urinating, you should discuss it with your healthcare provider. You should also discuss with your healthcare provider if you have other problems with your health, like problems with kidney or liver, enlarged prostate, problems with urination, cirrhosis, an electrolyte imbalance, gout, high cholesterol, lupus, diabetes, or if you have allergy to sulfa medications.

“You may have some side effects if use this medication including inability to urinate, ringing hearing loss, and others. You should contact your healthcare provider and tell if you have these problems or maybe some other difficulties.”

Also, if you use this medication there may be a need to test your blood. It is needed in order to make sure that this medication is not harmful for you. You may be prescribed with some dose at the beginning to find out its effectiveness, but it may be altered in some time by your healthcare provider if there is a need.