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Health Check with Mobile Phone

Health Check with Mobile PhonesNow mobile phone users can measure heart rate and blood pressure with just one touch. Technology company based in Singapore, Zensorium, named Tinke designing instruments that are compatible with the iPhone or iPad.

Using optical detection technologies, Tinke measuring changes in blood volume in the body. It allows the instrument to know your heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen level just by putting your thumb in the red and infrared sensors.

Zensorium have created their own software so that the measurement results and the average number of users will look at the health of the mobile phone display.

The instrument also has a separate index to notify users whenever their stress level based on your heart rate.

The company said Tinke not a medical or diagnostic tool but rather the 'motivator' for those who have specific health goals and improve their health.

Visit Thaveeprungsriporn, president of the company, said many countries have the age and health facilities will be limited in the coming years.

"We hope it will be easy, simple, and we can change consumer behavior."

But the angel investor and mentor to novice companies, Kristav Childress, said this kind of products require validation before consumers are willing to buy it.

"I want to see the video, testimonials, and the real value of these products, as well as the 'try it yourself so you can experiment," he said.

Meanwhile Zensorium said they are working on advanced products that urine analysis tools.

Health Check with Mobile Phone