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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart Healthy

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Health News Articles times this will provide easy tips to keep your heart health. Here are 5 easy tips to keep your heart health:

1. Maintaining heart health starts from the food we eat. The food is good for your heart the onion, garlic, vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, selanda water, mustard greens), whole grains (whole wheat and brown rice), turmeric, green tea, soy and red wine.

2. Tips to keep a second heart health by limiting the intake of calories into your body. in this case limiting the variety of foods that contain lots of carbohydrates that we consume every day, the amount is not excessive.

3. You should be avoiding various types of beverages that contain alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can be very bad effect on liver metabolism you have.

4. You should stop smoking, avoid smoke and other toxic fluids. Due to fumes containing toxins will go to the small blood vessels in your lungs and will be brought to the liver. Then underwent detoxification and eliminated in empedu. Therefore, the amount and concentration of chemicals must be controlled to prevent damage to your liver.

5. Tips fifth is to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water is clean after defecation and before preparing a variety of foods that you will consume. In order to maintain the health of your heart.

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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy