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Type 2 Diabetes Self Management

Type 2 Diabetes Self Management - Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and accounts for over 90 percent of all cases. This is a disease in which the body does not make or properly use insulin, which is a hormone that helps convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy. Type 2 starts as insulin resistance, which occurs when the cells do not use insulin the way they should. As the body needs more and more insulin, the pancreas usually stops producing it. The cause is not yet known but genetics and environmental factors such as being overweight and having a sedentary lifestyle are believed to play a role. A type 2 diabetes self management plan is a major component of fighting this disease.

Classes are available through diabetes self management programs that provide information about type 2 diabetes and teach the skills necessary to avoid the many complications of the disease. These classes teach the patient how to monitor glucose, modify their diets, develop exercise regimens, how to self-inject insulin and many other things that are necessary for staying healthy and strong.

Daily injections of insulin by syringe is for some the most difficult part of type 2 diabetes self management. A medical device called an insulin pump is a good alternative. This small battery operated pump, worn on the waist, has a reservoir that contains insulin which is automatically injected into the body by way of a catheter imbedded under the skin. The pump is easily detached for bathing or showering and is easily adjustable when insulin doses need to be changed.

The American Diabetes Association has estimated that about 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight when they are first diagnosed. Essential to a good type 2 diabetes self management plan are diet, exercise and keeping weight under control.

Keeping blood glucose under control is the first line of defense in the prevention of other health related problems often related to type 2 diabetes. Using a blood glucose monitor with blood glucose test strips will help to provide important information to help you control the disease.

Moderating food intake is essential to controlling type 2 diabetes. A person with the disease can continue to eat their favorite foods if portions are controlled. Eating foods high in nutrition with lots of vegetables and fruit is necessary. Diabetes self management programs have dietitians on staff that can assist in developing a plan that works for each individual.

Exercise is very important for controlling weight and health in general. Even light exercise like gardening and walking are beneficial to keeping blood sugar under control. Benefits to cholesterol levels, blood pressure and cardiovascular health are a result as well. Type 2 diabetes self management programs offer professional advice about developing a plan that's beneficial to each individual patient and easy to stick to.

It may sound strange but developing diabetes has actually helped some people become healthier. By sticking to their self management plan they are no longer obese, enjoy the many health benefits of exercise and eat a healthy diet. Type 2 diabetes self management is largely about doing many of the things that we all should be doing anyway. So let's do it.

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